the groundspeak projectI first heard about Geocaching in September 2000 on Slashdot.
It's the perfect outdoor sport for computer geeks like me.

What is it?

The Geocaching FAQ covers most questions, but to put it simply:

Take a container and hide it somewhere in the world, record the latitude and longitude using your GPS receiver, and post the location to the Geocaching website so that others can find your stash. Finding the stash is it's own reward, but most caches contain some sort of trade-able item. Sign the logbook, take something, leave something.

I've only been caching since May 2002. It took me that long (nearly a year-and-a-half) to get into Geocaching, because I simply didn't have a GPS receiver!

My Cache Stats as of 5/9/2007 (Get your own CacheStats at

Cache Finds
Total Found: 300 (# found/attended logs) Find Rate: 0.166 per day (1.2 per week, 60 per year)
Caches: 300 (# unique caches visited) Avg. difficulty / terrain: 1.84 / 1.61
# Archived: 111 (37%) FTFs: 7
Avg. in 1 day: 2.2 Oldest Cache: Singletrack Stash (GC183 placed 1/17/2001)
Most in 1 day: 18 Most in 1 month: 24

Days Cached
Total days cached: 134 (every 13.4 days or 7.4%) Most consecutive days with a find: 3
Most in 1 month: 13 Most consecutive days without a find: 293

Year Total Found Rate Days Cached / Frequency
2002800.37448 / every 4.5 days
2003780.21445 / every 8.1 days
2004590.16214 / every 26.1 days
2005300.08211 / every 33.2 days
2006480.13213 / every 28.1 days
200750.0393 / every 43.0 days

Number  Date Cache # Days between
#16/1/2002Far Horizons 
#1003/16/2003Tsunami's Doggie Cache for Dog lovers!288
#2005/8/2004A Pause To Refresh419
#3004/28/2007Creek Bed1085

Favorite and other Notable Caches
Category Cache Log Comment
All-time favoriteGorillas GatoradeView 
Recent favoriteMissile-TowView 
Most memorableTangled Up In BelewsView 
Favorite MultiThree Hour TourView 
Most difficult findDaniel Boone's Secret StashView 
Most difficult terrainSlippery When WetView 
Most scenicJohn's Rock CacheView 
Best hikeRLDILL 2 "WATER EVERY WHERE WATER?" but the mapsView 
Cleverest hideA Point In The DistanceView 

Number Date Cache Log
16/3/2002Austin's "Why Can't We Dig It Up Now?" CacheView
27/16/2002Hampton's QuestView
37/29/2002Between a Rock and a Low PlaceView
49/4/2002King's RansomView
510/3/2002The Great "Stamp"ede Stash - postage due!View
62/2/2003GEO ~ HOGGIN'View
79/8/2003Best of LuckView

US States (7): NC, IL, CA, NY, VA, SC, FL
Countries (1): United States

(map from

Update Sep 26 2005 - Profile

I need to update this site, but until then, I'm cleaning up the 'Caches Found' clutter below. 

Update Dec 21, 2003 - GPS Drawing - I like the idea behind GPS Drawing, so I decided to give it a shot.

Here's my first experiment; I tried to create an image of Tux the Penguin, the Linux mascot, while driving around Winston-Salem NC. Unfortunately, the roads didn't always cooperate, so here's my best effort.

Total distance: 52.77 miles
Total Time: 02h 38m

Quick Links to Sections Below:

etrex legend GPS Hardware

When my mother and I first started Geocaching, we used a Garmin GPS 12. Although a very nice unit, it certainly doesn't have the mapping and extended features our Garmin eTrex Legends. There are several models in the eTtrex family of products, ranging from $99 to $350. My sister uses the $99 basic eTrex Yellow.

GPS Software - Looking for software to use with your GPS receiver?

Windows/Win32 - There are many more apps for Windows-based PC's:

Linux - I've found a few handy utilities for my Linux-powered laptop:

Palm - As a paying member of, I'm using Pocket Queries, which are customized cache queries you can have generated on a daily or weekly basis. My queries generate an EasyGPS LOC file and MobiPocket eBook format to bring on the hunt. Other handy Palm-related utilities include:

Other Geocaching Resources

Latest Update: Monday, September 26, 2005;

As of today, I've hidden 6 caches, and found 227 caches within:

Benchmarks I Have Found
Found it 1/4/2003 FZ0079
Found it 1/4/2003 FZ0078
Found it 11/25/2002 FZ0077
Found it 11/25/2002 FZ0297

Need more information? Follow the links above, contact me, or free to browse my profile.

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